I offer consulting on high-level decisions to governments, non-profit-organizations and other agencies related to the wider Middle East and the Gulf region in interaction with Switzerland, Europe, and the USA:

  • Security and counter-terrorism (security and strategy consulting)
  • Political economy analyses associated with risk consultancy, external funding and reform
  • Analysis of regional interactions and their implications on global actors

I also provide advisory realted to academic research and publishing to academic journals and institutions.

My expertise is based on detailed local knowledge, local language skills, and academic analysis. My consulting lies in two areas of qualitative and empirical research.

Past projects have included
Seminars and training courses
Moderation of academic panels
Working with academic organisations to assess the creation and sustaining of academic journals
Advising national and international conferences (including planning, implementation, coordination and evalutation of organising)
Advising authors and academicians with regard to availability of local sources (Arabic / Turkish) in the Middle East

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