Courses & seminars taught

I teach a variety of courses and seminars on topics related to International Relations and Middle East Studies.

In my lectures, I attempt to break down complex ideas and abstractions into pieces that are easier for students to understand. By so doing, I provide students with knowledge on the topic while integrating structured debates, small group assignments, policy briefs, counterfactual scenarios, and case studies into my courses.

My aim as a lecturer is to stimulate student learning and to encourage students to develop their critical thinking.

Courses & seminars taught in Middle East Studies
Comparative and International Politics of the Middle East
Turkey and the Middle East
Introduction to Politics in the Modern Middle East
Comparative Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
Contemporary Middle East: Society, Economy, and Politics
Arab-Israeli Conflict in Historical and Current Perspectives
Politics and International Relations of the Developing World
State Formation and Nation Building Process in the Middle East: The Palestinian Case 1964-1993
Courses taught in International Relations
Foreign Policy Analysis
Theories of International Relations
Diplomatic History
Introduction to International Relations
International Security Problems